Over nearly three decades, WorkSafe Technologies developed a comprehensive suite of seismic isolation products. They protect any data center or critical IT environment from Earthquake Damage. Our products are specifically designed to help businesses of all sizes mitigate damage and maintain operational continuity in the event of an seismic event. They do so with minimal business interruption. They also improve data center reliability.

We sell our award-winning line of seismic isolation products through a select network of domestic and international partners. Trained to properly specify and install our product line, these partners will handle the installation from start to finish. WorkSafe can install our earthquake protection in data centers after deploying your server racks. We retrofit your data center by using a specially designed hydraulic lift system. The hydraulic lift system safely lifts live server racks about 5” off of the floor. Then, installation and positioning of the ISO-Base™ takes place underneath the live racks. Afterwards, the racks are slowly lowered onto the ISO-Base™ platform. Having a WorkSafe representative install ISO-Base™ with our hydraulic lift system, protects your live equipment from earthquake damage without losing any uptime.

Additionally, WorkSafe trained each of our distributors on our Mitigation line. When looking to seismically protect any equipment other than server racks, our partners will ensure that installation goes off without a hitch.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will connect you with a trusted partner in your region.