“We’ve found ISO-Base to be everything it was represented to be… a simple easy to install product that lets us sleep at night knowing an earthquake won’t put us out of business”
– US Entertainment Company

 “We wouldn’t think of bringing in any new equipment without putting it on an ISO-Base. Compared to bolting and anchoring it is extremely simple to install without shutting down the room… plus it offers great peace of mind here in earthquake country”
– US Feature Animation Studio

 “Many of our facilities in Japan lost power in the Great Earthquake of 2011, but ISO-Base did the job of keeping all the equipment upright, undamaged and connected, saving us a massive amount of time and money in our recovery operation”
– Japanese Semiconductor Company

 “We did our own shake table testing and engineering evaluation of ISO-Base and the result was that we now recommend it to our clients over our own in-house created solutions for seismic restraint”
– US Mainframe Computer Manufacturer

 “ISO-Base is a critical part of our mandated Data Center Strengthening Program for both seismic and blast mitigation requirements”
– US Federal Agency

 “At our facility north of Tokyo, during the Great East Japan Earthquake, we witnessed rows of equipment on ISO-Base Platforms performing properly, while a more complicated competitive product installed in the same computer room, failed miserably”
– Japanese Airline