ISO-Base™ Seismic Isolation Platforms are in use in Data Centers and all types of computer rooms for seismic mitigation of server cabinets, mainframes, electronic enclosures, and many other types of critical equipment.

The ISO-Base™ Seismic Isolation Platform achieves its superiority by being a simple solution to a complex problem; one that is easy to install and virtually maintenance free, as well as one that provides mitigation that is far superior to traditional methods like bolting to the sub-floor or stiffening of the cabinet frames.

Yes. You will have 0% downtime during installation with our proprietary hydraulic lift system.

The equipment the ISO-Base is installed on gets isolated from shock and vibration; therefore leading to less risk of failure during an earthquake, ISO-Base helps keep your system running and prevents disk damage.

Please contact our Corporate Headquarters in Southern California so that they can refer you to the correct distributor.