Our Story

 “Innovation starts with approaching old problems in new ways”

Seismic Protection – Our Only Business

WorkSafe Technologies believes a better solution exists for any problem. Always searching for those solutions is the foundation of our business. This philosophy, as well as the hard work and dedication of our employees, allowed us to position ourselves as the leading authority in seismic protection for businesses throughout the world.

Our current president, Don Hubbard started WorkSafe Technologies in his garage over 28 years ago. He founded WorkSafe with the goal of helping ensure worker safety by protecting work environments from earthquake activity.

Nearing the end of our third decade, we are the leading resource for seismic protection throughout the world’s earthquake zones.

Our Business is Protecting Your Business

WorkSafe Technologies achieved its global leadership position by providing world class, engineering supported products, and professional service solutions. Our fundamental goal is to protect all aspects of our clients’ critical business operations to help ensure a rapid operational recovery from a seismic event.

WorkSafe consistently strives to increase our expertise by developing products to protect our clients’ businesses. The ultimate goal being to keep mission critical equipment running as smoothly as possible as well as helping to ensure a rapid and easy operational recovery in the event of a seismic disturbance.

Always Innovating

Our innovations such as ISO-Base™ seismic isolation platforms, created entirely new levels in protection of critical equipment. This helps businesses achieve operational continuity as well as worker safety during and after major earthquake and blast events. Our advances in seismic mitigation are well received in seismic hot spots throughout the world. WorkSafe Technologies has offices throughout the United States and Canada, as well as Japan, New Zealand, Taiwan, Turkey and South America.


Being the leader in our field is not something we claim lightly. Our clients worldwide, convinced by the engineering superiority of our products, have consistently applauded us with their loyalty. In order to maintain our excellent reputation, we strive to remain innovative and competitive in the non-structural seismic mitigation industry. To achieve this, we will continue to pioneer the development of new products and ideas such as the ISO-Base™ seismic-isolation platform.

Our success is made possible by contributions from a team of hardworking professionals, which consists of a diverse range of personnel. Our team features sales and marketing experts, product engineers and designers, and service and manufacturing specialists.

WorkSafe Technologies is here to help you secure your critical equipment from seismic damage. We want your business to come through an earthquake unscathed. Please reach out if you have any questions or you need more information.