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New OCTO-Base™ modular seismic isolation system features the ultimate in versatility of isolation platform design. The unique octagonal shape allows for limitless attachment in multiple directions to create isolated equipment mounting in a concise 15” design.

The OCTO-Base™ system utilizes NextGen Ball-N-Cone™ Isolators which dramatically increase displacement capacity, over original Ball-N-Cone, (by up to 70%), while nearly eliminating vertical spikes and vibrations, due to its smoother rolling design profile. While original ISO-Base had excellent performance in recent large earthquake events, the need became apparent for us to offer a product with increased displacement and acceleration capability. This enhanced displacement capacity will benefit areas of higher seismicity, (capable of larger events), and for use in data centers located in upper floors of buildings with higher accelerations.

In addition, the isolators feature our proprietary QuakeCoat™ Elastomeric Damping Liner which ensures the isolators achieve the maximum available displacement capacity, and virtually eliminate spikes and micro-vibrations.

The OCTO-Base™ system components can be configured into isolation platforms for protecting rows of multiple cabinets or equipment items, or can be custom configured as a single, stand-alone, machinery or equipment mount.

Additionally, the heavy-duty construction of the OCTO-Base™ system dramatically increases the weight load capacity over original ISO-Base by approximately two and a half times. This is an important advancement to meet the current trend of heavier server racks and IT components being used in today’s data center environments.

OCTO-Base™ – Modular Seismic Isolation System

  • Increased Displacement Capacity of 70% over original Ball-N-Cone™
  • Increased Weight Load Capacity 15” OCTO-Base Isolators can accommodate up to 2,500 lbs. per isolator set
  • Octagonal Shape for Enhanced Modularity
  • QuakeCoat™ Elastomeric Damping Liner
  • Easily Re-Deployable
  • Provides improved protection for larger seismic and blast events
  • Coating ensures maximum displacement capacity and reduces micro-vibrations
  • Allows for limitless platform design options. Octagonal shape allows additional connections at varying angles.
  • Isolators can be re-used and adapted to other sizes by changing connectors.