“Innovation starts when old problems are approached in new ways”

At WorkSafe Technologies, we constantly strive to provide the best and most cost-effective solutions, for seismic and blast mitigation. This philosophy, along with the hard work of our employees and technology partners, has allowed us to be positioned as the leading seismic mitigation authority throughout the world.

Our innovations, such as ISO-Base™ Platforms, have created entirely new categories, for protecting high value assets and equipment, that allow a business to survive and thrive during and after a major seismic event. In fact, our rolling isolation systems, such as ISO-Base™ are presently protecting over 200 billion dollars of Mission Critical IT Equipment throughout the world.

To protect our intellectual property rights, and to ensure our clients of our engineering and manufacturing superiority, we have filed and received several US and Foreign Patents such as the ones shown below.

US Patents

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Isolation Platform - 2012
Isolation Platform - 2014
Modular Isolation Systems
Composite Isolation Bearings
Isolation Platform - 2010
Seismically Stable Flooring - 2012
Seismically Stable Flooring - 2013
Isolation Bearing Restraint Devices

Foreign Patents Issued and Pending

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