Edge Computing Becomes a Reality

The Edge Data Center market is predicted to top more than $13 billion by 2024; according to a report by Global Market Insights, Inc. The overwhelming demand for edge and cloud computing technology is pushing the market to unforeseen heights. 2019 promises to be an exciting year for WorkSafe Technologies. We believe that the IT industry will be dominated by edge computing and artificial intelligence (AI). As a concept, edge data center development has been deliberated and evaluated for years. We are now at the point where edge computing is becoming a reality as production and implementation of these systems is happening now. Edge infrastructure investments are increasing at a record pace and we should see significant investment in edge data centers over the next 5 years. Where there is a need for more streaming, networking, and storage close to the end user, moving to the edge is the natural answer.
What’s driving the demand for edge computing? The speed of today’s business environment requires fast and smooth access to critical data. Streaming video is expected to account for about 70 percent of all internet traffic and as the video streaming market continues to grow over the next several years, live-streaming video will up that percentage.
Too many important business and consumer decisions are dependent on a real-time flow of information. This means that there is even a lesser tolerance of latency. People want to be constantly connected and then while they are connected to experience instant gratification. Google said that when a website doesn’t load quickly, more than half of visitors will leave the site.
Ultimately when relocating or building an edge data center back to serve the population base, Edge DC’s will need to be built in high to moderate seismic zones. WorkSafe Technologies is here to protect your investment by seismically isolating your critical equipment with ISO-Base™ platforms, or with our new ISO-Dynamic™ heavy-duty isolated raised-access flooring.
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