Tips to Protect Your Data Center from an Earthquake

The simple physical nature of data centers puts your organization at risk. Damage from disasters caused by Mother Nature can be particularly destructive to server racks. This is particularly true for earthquakes, so make sure that you follow these tips if you are managing a data center in a seismic region.


Determine risk

The first step in protection from seismic damage is determining risk. If your facility operates in California or near a fault line, risk will be higher than other data centers. If you are in California, the California Geological Survey has an online tool that will allow you to see whether or not your facility is on a fault line or at risk of liquefaction. It uses USGS seismic data to evaluate your risk.

Consider which floor your data centers are placed on

The location of your data center within your facility can also impact your risk. Data centers on higher floors generally have an increased risk of tipping over, so keep this front of mind.

Install seismic server racks

Installing specialty server racks is a solution to helping mitigate the risk of an earthquake. These cabinets feature augmented bases to keep the rack in place. This method can be costly, so look at alternative methods such as base isolation. WorkSafe Technologies has a variety of products which use base isolation to secure your data center such as ISO-Base™ and the ISO-Dynamic™ flooring system.

Be prepared for all risks from an earthquake

Preparing your data center is vital to seismic risk management. Isolating your server racks is only the first step. Be sure to account for a variety of seismic risks to your data center. Remember to organize your cabling to better prepare for an earthquake. Reducing the risk as much as possible allows you to recover from natural disaster easier.

Inspect your data center and your racks regularly

Stay prepared for the unexpected nature of earthquakes by ensuring your data center is in tip-top shape. Select someone internally to check your entire data center and point out any areas of concern. Adopt solutions to these issues as soon as possible to keep your data center protected.

Preparing your facility for earthquakes is a vital part of running a data center in an area of seismic risk. Data centers are increasing at an impressive rate so make sure to be equipped for the future of your data center.

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