Dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality, cost effective products and services, WorkSafe™ Technologies is the leader in seismic protection of data centers, hospitals and laboratories.  Our products are designed to reduce the threat from non-structural hazards in the workplace. From our revolutionary ISO-Base™ Base Isolation Technology to simple desktop fasteners like the SeismaLOK™, our product offering is diverse and of the highest quality. In use around the world at Fortune 500® companies, financial institutions, government agencies, schools, universities and hospitals. WorkSafe™ Technologies products and services have been protecting critical business assets for nearly three decades.

WorkSafe Technologies offers a wide variety of ways to keep control of your work environment when an earthquake strikes. We define our products into two different categories, ISOLATION and MITIGATION.



WorkSafe’s ISOLATION product group includes all of our products which use our patented Ball-N-Cone™ rolling isolators. 

Our MITIGATION product group contains all of our seismic anchoring products. This group includes our countertop and wall fastening products, our floor fasteners, our tank restraints, and more.